Utax 2508 /3508ci A3 Color MFP

Stay at the forefront of increasingly dynamic and mobile office technology with the innovative 3508ci. The A3 color system pushes new standards in print speed, quality and safety, with virtually no limitations. Scan to the cloud or print saved documents with just one click and without a computer.

Stay secure with the Trusted Platform Module (TPM), which encrypts confidential information on the device and stored in a dedicated storage area.



Digital A3 multifunctional color system

The flexibility of the 3508ci allows systems to be adapted to fit bespoke processes, whilst continuing to fulfil important safety standards.


The 3508ci has many additional benefits. Firstly, greater print resolutions, print speeds and advanced color technology. Also, greater versatility through processing of different paper weights, formats and digitising and storing of documents. Finally, greater safety features, including identity verification and allocated e-mail addresses and management codes.

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