Develop 224e A3 Color Mfp

The ineo+ 224e is an all-round solution that will help to optimise your work processes. Thanks to its numerous useful functions the ineo+ 224e can reduce the amount of manual work involved in document production and thus minimise the costs involved. For example, you can scan documents as PowerPoint presentations or archive them as PDF/A files. Develop’s
convert+share tool allows you to scan a document at the press of a button, have it converted into the required format and delivered to whatever destination
you want, e.g. store+find. This tool does away with time-wasting searches for old files by ensuring every document can be quickly located.

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Capacitive touchscreen
With functions such as flick, drag&drop and pinch in&out the tiltable 9-inch color screen is as simple to use as a smartphone or tablet. So most users will have nothing new to learn. Besides, the panel can be customised for tailored ease of use.

Convenient remote administration
The system can be administered via any web browser from a desktop computer. Instant servicing is possible thanks to the display’s remote operating function. What’s more, you can mirror the machine’s operating panel on an Android tablet via a dedicated app and then, for example, choose the settings for a print job even though the printer is somewhere else in the building. ineo Remote Care allows the system’s status to be monitored by your Develop dealer. That way, he will be automatically notified when toner is running low to ensure you never run out of toner and save you time and effort. Besides, the system is always up and running – just as it should be.

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