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We aim to deliver printing solutions to create an office environment that supports your business needs.

Free Site Audit

At Kyotech, we offer all potential clients a free site audit. This entitles a full check of your premises and its infrastructure, which allows us to tailor the pricing based on what you use. By doing a site audit, it allows us here at Kyotech to put together an accurate proposal which has an allowance based on your monthly usage, and allows us to install machines that will work for your business. To avail of this FREE Site Audit, click on the Contact Us tab, or by simply giving us a call!

Printer Leasing

Leasing a printer/photocopier, helps avoid the initial capital outlay required when purchasing a machine. Leasing is a well-established and tax efficient form of finance, enabling cost-effective trade-up access to the very latest technology at the right time. Here at Kyotech we offer competitive leasing prices to the customer. Just get in touch to see what we can do for you.

Photocopier Repair

We use the latest technologies to diagnose and repair your machines in a very responsive time. With the many years of expertise that the company is built on, we can offer you the advice to get your machine back up and running in no time! We also use technologies, including live remote assistance, that enables our technicians to resolve issues online, ensuring customer satisfaction.

Printer Repair

Our printer repair team are a set of highly skilled technicians, with each member having over 20 years’ experience, providing an excellent repair and professional maintenance service for all makes and models of machines. We cater for all business clients large or small. You can simply log a service call or enquiry by clicking on the ‘Contact Us’ tab, or by simply giving us a call!

Remote Logon

We understand that downtime of a unit can cause problems for you the user and your business. At Kyotech, we use remote log on, if viable, to solve your issues sooner rather than later. The remote log on feature allows us to access your machine from our base and solve the problem there and then. Printer down? Just get in contact with us to see if we can remote log on to your PC to take a closer look.