Samsung Business TV BET series

As visual display technology continues to improve, TV’s with advanced visual capabilities have become less cost prohibitive for businesses of all sizes, including small retailers, family-owned and home-based businesses, providing a significant market opportunity. In today’s media-saturated and technology-friendly businesses environment, many small business owners want to directly manage their own digital and video channels, leaving behind outdated and costly printed materials previously used for customer communication. However, small business owners are time-strapped and often with limited resources, meaning any new solution needs to be simple and affordable, quickly integrating into their business.


Why Samsung Business TV
Samsung is a recognized global leader in visual display technology, creating industry-leading TV’s and commercial visual displays designed to captivate potential customers and provide ultimate value to the business. Business TV from Samsung brings together Samsung’s expertise in commercial signage displays with its advanced TV technology to give users the ideal solution for customer communication with impactful visuals. Engineered to operate 16 hours a day, 7 days a week the display also features an extended warranty guaranteeing that users are always getting the most from their TV. Additionally, the Business TV app eliminates additional cost of an additional content management solution. Easy setup and streamlined operation with no additional equipment required — just a helpful integration with users’ personal devices — make Business TV ideal for any small business.

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