ActivPanel i-Series

The ActivPanel i-Series is the essential interactive panel for customers looking to replace their projector-based systems with a long-term, reliable solution. It offers a high-resolution display that is significantly brighter than projector systems and enables flexibility to add on computing and mounting options depending on the schools’ technology needs.


The Essential Interactive Panel for the Classroom

Simpler and Better Solution for the Classroom
ActivPanel i-Series is easy to use with a single power button and front ports that allow quick connectivity to a teacher’s laptop. Its built-in 15-watt, front-facing speakers are perfect for multimedia lessons. Unlike projector systems, there are no more shadows, glare, or a need to close the blinds.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership
ActivPanel i-Series offers a practically maintenance-free solution. Unlike projector-based systems, there is no instructional time lost or additional costs incurred due to calibration and replacement of bulbs, filters, and the projector.

Classroom Lesson Delivery Software
Deliver interactive, multimedia lessons offline or online using your choice of Promethean’s educational software products. Both ClassFlow™ and ActivInspire™ software are free and come as standard with the ActivPanel. To learn more, visit

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